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Clara Learning Ltd.
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Our Services

Clara Learning Ltd has extensive experience of providing services in health and social settings within the statutory, independent, private and voluntary sector, both in Ireland and the UK.

Qualified Practitioners

Our consultants and associates are qualified experienced practitioners who have worked in operational services at practice, management and executive levels. We provide a professional process that reaches evidenced based outcomes in a cost efficient manner.


Clara Learning Limited provides consultancy to organisations on social work service management, best practice approaches in assessment and risk consideration, compliance with national standards and governance. We support organisations with the development, implementation and review of required national policies to support service delivery.

We provide advice and guidance in the areas of consent, capacity, recording practices and incident management processes.

Our main consultancy services that are provided to organisations are based on our specialist knowledge in effective person-centred safeguarding models.


Clara Learning Limited has extensive knowledge and experience in supporting organisations to develop and/or enhance their approaches to safeguarding. We explore competency based approaches in the management and practice of effective safeguarding. These services include policy development, building efficient procedural models, process mapping to ensure effectiveness/compliance and developing associated practice guidance.

We provide support to organisations’ on effective safeguarding approaches in Ireland and the UK. We work closely with organisations’ to embed the principles, duties, requirements and national standards (when applicable) within the operational environment. In supporting services to enhance their safeguarding approaches we evaluate their effectiveness to positively benefit those who access services.

Service Review

Clara Learning Limited undertakes complex service reviews including competency evaluations. We are often commissioned to review service approaches based on a series of similar complaints relating to poor care practice and insufficient responses. The review process considers leadership approaches, knowledge levels within the organisation, compliance with legal/policy requirements, staff attitudes to expectations and user perspectives on the quality of services received.

Clara Learning Limited has experience in assisting organisations that provides social care services to audit their compliance with national standards and requirements through the review of its governance, quality, risk management and operational arrangements to safeguarding as a result of HIQA concerns.

Clara Learning Limited is committed to transparent evidenced based written conclusions with recommendations that are based on three key principles of thoroughness, objectiveness and fairness.


A significant proportion of projects currently undertaken by Clara Learning Limited involve the investigation of complex safeguarding concerns/complaints in organisations, particularly when staff may have been involved in contributing to the concerns. We have significant experience in undertaking independent “Trust in Care” investigations. We recognise the importance and are fully committed to fair processes for all parties involved in these complex situations. These investigations have also led to the consideration of institutional abuse concerns within organisational practices and processes.


Clara Learning Limited provides bespoke targeted training programmes across a range of topics. These learning events are practice based and enable participants to explore in detail the expectations, requirements and practice standards associated with the training theme. A sample of recently provided programmes is set out below. Clara Learning Limited consistently receives excellent feedback from participants and organisations on the quality and benefit of the training experience.

  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse National Policy and Procedures – Designated Officer Training
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse National Policy and Procedures – Train the Trainer Programme (Safeguarding Awareness Raising)
  • “Trust in Care” Training – Understanding the process, practice and requirements
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Risk consideration, analysis and management
  • Effective Recording Approaches
  • National Standards Compliance and Governance
  • Practice Application of Mental Capacity matters in Health & Social Care Sectors
  • Understanding Deprivation of Liberty/Restrictive Practices


Mediation is a process in which an independent, neutral Mediator assists two or more disputing parties in resolving the dispute in a collaborative, consensual manner.

Colm Lehane is qualified mediator, accredited with Mediators’ Institute of Ireland. He provides services to organisations and individuals to address conflict. This service supports both parties to express their grievances and work to identify mutually beneficial solutions.

Service / Business Analysis and Development

Louise Lehane holds an Executive Master’s in Business Administration (eMBA) and has experience of business development, innovation and entrepreneurship. This service can support new and existing services with development of strategic business plans, market environment and competitor analysis, systems, policy and procedure development, and compliance and governance frameworks.

Safeguarding Advisory Service

This service operates on a retained contract (service level agreement) basis. Advisory service packages range from 36 hours per year (average 3 hours per month) to 90 hours per year (average 7.5 hours per month) but can be tailored to suit each organisations needs.

Advisers are available Monday to Friday (except public holidays), 9 am to 5 pm to respond to your questions, and provide advise and guidance on safeguarding matters.